Orchid Mantis - Hessdalen Light


Orchid Mantis
Hessdalen Light

1. hessdalen light
2. give up the day
3. keep it with me
4. you’ll find
5. sky won’t find me
6. hyogo prefecture
7. gates
8. open arms
9. sky won’t find me pt II
10. elegy written in a church courtyard (reprise)
11. old stars (reoccuring)
12. and the sun shining through
13. flashbulb memory

We're proud to be releasing Orchid Mantis's debut album from last year, Hessdalen Light, on a limited run of cassettes. Re-mastered for this release, it will also include a new bonus track exclusive to the tape.

Each pre-order will include:
- 1 print (from a series of 6 photos)
- t&f pin
- a handwritten note


*UPDATE: shipping will begin late-July / early -August*