Dear Tracks - Soft Dreams Cassette


After releasing their first singe in early 2015, Dear Tracks spent the rest of the year writing and recording 4 new songs for an EP to be released in 2016. The resulting jangly guitars, dreamy synths and drowned out vocals nod to The Jesus and Mary Chain, but much is owed to current bands like Diiv, Beach Fossils and Real Estate. Dear Tracks sounds like the way you feel after a long Michigan winter, when you can finally sit outside on a sun-soaked, neverending summer day.

This is the hand-numbered, limited edition Track and Field Violet cassette. The EP is also available on Furhoof Green through Furious Hooves.

TNF015 / FH-038 / FH:VI-015

Dear Tracks
Soft Dreams

1. Moment of Clarity
2. All The Outs Are Free
3. Alive
4. Soft Dreams

Limited to 75 tapes. Each pre-order comes with a T&F pin, and shipping will begin February 26th