Cemeteries - Barrow LP



1. Procession
2. Nightjar
3. Luna ( Moon of Claiming)
4. Can You Hear Them Sing?
5. Cicada Howl
6. I Will Run From You
7. Empty Camps
8. Sodus
9. I Will Run From You

We're very proud to present Cemeteries new record, Barrow.
Inspired around memories of the lakeside town where he spent his childhood summers, his recent move from the east coast wilderness to Oregon’s mountainous beauty, a witchcraft fascination, and John Carpenters "The Fog", Reigle's third record as Cemeteries may be his most complete and chillingly beautiful work yet.

Limited to 100 lake green vinyl, each pre-order will come with a t&f pin and a handwritten note with love.

*NOTE: This is a pre-order . There have been delays with the vinyl (possibly a few months) but we'll be posting updates on when we receive the vinyl and will begin shipping asap*

*Update 10/9: Vinyl is scheduled to complete mid-November at the plant. Shipping to begin as soon as they're in our hands! Thank you everyone for your patience.

12/11: The vinyl landed safely in NY on Wednesday, the 9th. We're going to be with them starting Monday the 14th and will begin shipping right away.

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